BIG Selected To Design A New Waste-to-energy Plant In Copenhagen

BIG just received the first prize for the New Waste Treatment Plant design proposal. BIG apart, were selected Wilkinson Eyere Architects, Dominique Perrault Architecture, 3XN, Lundgaard and Tranberg Architects and Gottlieb Paludan Architects.
New Waste Treatment Plan, Copenhagen, Denmark, © BIG
Located in an industrial area near Copenhagen, precisely between Copenhagen and Amager, this project will deal with various external forces linked with its site.
Site Plan © BIGThis place is the center for new recreational activities. This place is divided into two areas: factories and housing.
Rendering — night view © BIG
The New Waste Treatment Plant articulates two goals:

tying all these opposing forces together forming an identity for a new place in Copenhagen;turning this place into a place in itself, precisely a destination where people will travel to.
Rendering — Aerial view © BIG
This site can engage in physically challenging sports such as cable skiing, go-karting, sailing, and rock climbing.
Context © BIG
Another particularity of this project is the seek for functionality.
Most of the recently build  power plants are merely functional boxes, wrapped in an expensive gift paper. The main "function" of the façade is to hide the fact that factories are having a series image/branding problem which makes this façade a "functional façade".
This New Waste Treatment Plant will be a waste-to-energy plant which will be economically, environmentally, and socially profitable.
Model © BIG
This project will be an opportunity to unify architecture and the city creating an interplay with the expansion of the existing activities in the area. This will be possible by turning the roof of the New Waste Treatment Plant into a ski slope for the citizens of Copenhagen.
Rendering © BIG
The following diagrams present the articulation of the architectural concept.

The internal volume of this New Waste-to-Energy-Plant have been determined by engineering and technical criteria. Due to the sheer size and requirements for precise positioning, the primary structure of the building is to be integrated with the machinery.
Program © BIG
The task is to provide a wrapper that can satisfy multiple desires for an incineration plant. This wrapper will be both iconic and integrated with its urban and social context at the same time.
Wrapper © BIG
Integration of Smokestack
One end of the building will be lifted to integrate the smokestack into the overall architecture of the plant.
Integration of Smokestack © BIG
Integration of administrative and visitor facilities
The envelope of the building expands to accommodate an administrative and visitor center.
Integration of administrative and visitor facilities © BIG
Public Connection
Pushing down one end of the building will minimize the overall volume and will allow for the possibility a public connection.
Public Connection © BIG
Ecologically sustainable waste treatment plant
Instead of creating a large expanse of empty roofscape, the horizontal façade of the building could be connected to the surrounding recreational landscape, perfectly integrating the plant into its context.
Don't waste it, use it © BIG
An "Alping" Skiing in Copenhagen
Another part of this project is the artificial ski slope. The roof of this new waste treatment plant will be turned into an artificial ski slope for the citizens of Copenhagen. This slope will be ecological, upending the convention of the energy intensive indoor or alpine ski resort. The tall height of the internal volume of the plant means that this could be achieved with an average addition of 10m of vertical structure across the roof.
Slope Access © BIGSlope Access
The slope access to the ski paths will be through an elevator adjacent to the smokestack. The elevator has a glass wall facing the interior of the plant, allowing recreational buffs and sightseers to have a glimpse into the internal workings of the plant.
Three pistes © BIG
Three pistes
The geometry of the roofscape supports three slopes of different gradients. This permits to accommodate skiers with a broad range of experience, from novices to pros. These three pistes will be a total of approximately 1,500m of ski runs, including a terrain park.
Smoke rings © BIG
Smoke rings
While sustainable energy has become increasingly important in media and politics, the understanding of the issue itself is still very abstract. In collaboration with Germany-based Realities:United, BIG proposes a simple modification to the smokestack which will allow it to puff smoke rings whenever 1 ton of fossil CO2 is released. These smoke rings will serve a communicative function as a gentle reminder of the impact of consumption.
Green walls © BIG
Green walls
The entire building is wrapped in a green façade turning the building into a green mountain from afar with a white mountain top.

Night light
At night, heat tracking can be used to position laser light onto the smoke rings. As proposed, a pie chart is projected to the smoke, where the actual quota of fossil CO2 can be read. The light source itself is placed on the smoke ring generator.
Night Light © BIG
Night Light © BIG

Smoke ejection finishes © BIG
> The Piston pushes smoke out of the open upper fate, forming a smoke ring.
As the lower gate is closed, surplus smoke can enter the pressure compensation
chamber.Smoke storage begins © BIG
> While the smoke ring rises, the upper gate is closed and the lower
gate is opened.
The smoke storage chamber begins to refill, the Piston begins to rise
and the piston begins to rise and the pressure compensator compresses.
Smoke storage continues © BIG
> Storage chamber continues filling and the piston keeps rising.
Smoke ejection begins © BIG
> The storage chamber is full and the piston is at its highest level.
The upper gate opens and the lower gate closes.
The piston starts moving downwards to push smoke out.
The pressure compensation chamber is ready to expand again.Building facts
Project: Waste Treament Plant (also called Waste-to-Energy plant)
Architects: Bjarke Ingels Group/BIG
Partner-in-Charge: Bjarke Ingels, David Zahle
Project Leader: Brian Yang
Project team: Jelena Vucic, Alina Tamosiunaite, Armor Gutierrez, Maciej Zawadzki, Jakob Lange, Andreas Klok Pedersen, Daniel Selensky, Gül Ertekin, Xing Xiong, Sunming Lee, Long Zuo
Smoke Ring Generator: Realities: United
Façade: AKT (Façade & Structural Consulting),
Landscape: Topotek 1/Man made Land (Landscape)
Client: Amagerforbraending
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Status: Competition. First prize
Building: 95,000 sqm
Landscape: 90,000sqm
Roof and Skin slope: 32,000 sqm
Façade area: 74,000 sqm
Administrative and Visitor Center Floor Area: 6,500 sqm
Completion Year: 2016

Renderings, Diagrams, Images © BIG

Source: BIG