Bingsu, Anyone?

I have always been curious about Bingsu, the Korean shaved ice dessert. I see pictures of it plastered in cafes and places that specialize in Bingsu and they do look pretty attractive.
So I suggested to my brother that one day we should go and have one and see what it is all about.

Opportunity presented itself one day and off we went to [email protected] Starling after our wanton mee at Annie-1.

It was our first Bingsu and my brother selected the Passion Fruit Mango.

It looked delicious on the poster, passion fruit and mango, makes your mouth water does it not? 
We were shown two sizes, the individual and sharing bowl and we chose the individual portion to share.

So here it is. I think this size is just nice for two to share.

We dug in eagerly savoring the cold and refreshing sweet delight. The mango, passion fruit and mango ice cream were really lovely. But in enjoying the icy dessert, I was also in agony due to my sensitive teeth hee...hee...

As we dug deeper, the Bingsu became sweeter. Too sweet for us, in fact. What was hidden underneath had a milky taste and if I am not wrong, that was condensed milk (which I am not a fan of). 

There was also a sprinkling of peanuts/sliced almonds on the Bingsu but unfortunately, they were stale. Not crunchy and had an off-taste. 
In addition to the Bingsu, we also had a slice of Tiramisu cake.

It tasted mostly of the cream and there was no coffee taste to it. But it was a nice cake, just that it did not taste like Tiramisu.

So that was my virgin Bingsu experience. Frankly, I prefer ice kacang anytime.