Bliss In A Salad Bowl

Finally, some decent baby spinach for my salad. One weekend at Aeon I was very nosy. I was at the check out counter and I took a peek into the trolley of the lady in front of me.
Hey, I spied a packet of baby spinach. It looked fresh. I could not make out what brand it was (unless I took a closer look, by which that lady would have stared daggers at me) and I made a mental note to look out for it the following week.
And so I did.

From the people who supply those pre-washed ready to eat salad greens that I usually buy. See, this baby spinach is already washed and ready to eat. And it was very fresh.

And it has an expiry date stamped on the pack. That's more like it, not like that other one.
Besides, the packaging is largely transparent, unlike the other one which has a smaller window which prevents you from getting a better view of the contents.

When I got home, I stashed the baby spinach into the fridge since I was having lunch with my brother that day.
The next day, I eagerly looked forward to having myself a big bowl of baby spinach salad.
I sliced up a slab of bacon and fried the bacon until very crispy. 
Then I made the dressing using garlic, salt, black pepper, honey and red wine vinegar. The bacon fat was not thrown away of course. It went into the dressing. Woohoo!!

I added some grated carrots and sliced tomatoes to the greens and tossed with the dressing.
To finish, I topped the salad with the crispy bacon, dried cranberries and walnuts.
And then it nom nom nom!

That I tell you, was a great great lunch. I am happy to note that I now have a reliable source of fresh baby spinach.