Ben's class has been studying the solar system, and they just presented their independent research by making snacks to represent the planets they'd picked to study. Ben and I layered blue and blue-green gelatin, nice and solid, and then cut planet circles out of it with a cookie cutter. Then, of course, he used the leftover scraps to fashion himself a little goatee.
"Honey," I said, "tell me the truth. Did you pick Uranus just because of the whole anus situation?" And he said, "Not just because." The kids had made travel brochures for their planets, and Ben's captions were classic. "Get to know Uranus!" "Uranus is bigger than you thought!" "A magical trip to Uranus!" That kid can get away with anything.
Check him out over on ChopChop, would you? He's making ranch dressing.
And if you're still looking for good summer reading, I just read this and it was fan-freaking-tastic. So good that when I was trying to figure out my vague feeling of bereftness last night, I realized that I was actually missing the characters. Sad but true.
Have a wonderful weekend, my darlings.