Covid-19 MCO : Day #16 (Beef Garam Kunyit)

I have loads of proteins in my freezer. Some were pre-MCO and some stocked up during the MCO. 
I've got one packet of chicken, many packets of oinks, two packets of prawns and four packets of beef. I need not worry about running out of meat.

Since I have got beef, I cooked Beef Garam Kunyit today. I used my good old lesung batu to pound the spice paste.

It was worth the effort.

Lunch was superb.

A serving of salad with vinaigrette.

Yesterday's soup. If I am feeling industrious, I might make some crispy fried shallots. That would give my soup the extra oomph!

This is my auntie's rock melon from her garden in NZ. How nice to harvest a rock melon from your own backyard. 

I started my fatty bom bom on a diet since yesterday. One meal in the morning and another feeding in the evening. No in between snacks. So far so good, she has not complained.

I hope she can slim down.

So fat!