Covid-19 MCO : Day #30 (Cauliflower Fried Rice)

Today marks the 30th day of me staying at home like a bum. I think I might be enjoying this a little too much.

I have always envisioned how nice it is to be retired and not having to go to work anymore - no stress, no deadlines, no nothing. Yes! I like!
Well this is sort of a preview but the stress will come when office re-opens. The deadlines are there although extension of time has been granted by the relevant authorities.
Today I am very happy. I ordered vegetables from the TTDI market via Grabmart.

At first I thought of walking to Aeon (a chance to get out of the house!) but I decided against it because I can't be sure if I could get the vegetables I wanted. With Grabmart I can see what is available and make my selection.
I also thought of asking my lahling to go buy for me.  In fact yesterday I asked him to help buy my favorite coffee.

When he was at Jaya Grocer I got a whatsapp message from him.

And then a phone call shortly after. "Where is your coffee? I can't see your coffee. Their coffee section very small lah." After a short pause "I saw it! I saw it! OK. OK".
Can you see my coffee?

With that, I conclude that Grabmart is a better bet wahahaha!!!

My order arrived in about 30 minutes.

I didn't expect 3 heads of broccoli but it's OK since I love broccoli. It is quite hard to get cauliflower from the supermarket and I happily grated the cauliflower and cooked cauliflower pineapple fried rice.

I also roasted some chicken wings.

Yesterday afternoon I went upstairs and saw this.

Somebody "pengsan".

Fatty didn't even notice me.


This morning she played with the chair leg.

Sometimes she goes into a scratching and kicking frenzy.

Could be good exercise for her.

She likes to walk towards me and then flop down on the floor like this. Maybe it's her way of telling me she wants attention. 

This is a photo of her taken last year when she was slimmer, playing with daddy's slippers.

Oh, I found some more food photos heh..heh...

Bak Kut Teh!

Chicken Karaage bento.

Vegetarian dish I had during one of my Friday date nites with my lahling.

Sweet and sour fish at the same dinner.

This was lunch with my brother at Rakuzen before the Chinese New Year.

Till tomorrow adios muchachos!