Decorative Handmade Ceramic Gnome Tile


 3x3 pair of relief carved and handpainted ceramic Gnome tilesAvailable at http://.comUp the airy mountain,Down the rushy glen,We daren't go a huntingFor fear of little men;Wee folk, good folk,Trooping all together;Green jacket, red cap,And white owls feather!Down along the rocky shoreSome make their home,They live on crispy pancakesOf yellow tide foam;Some in the reedsOf the black mountain lake,With frogs for their watch dogs,All night awake.By the craggy hill-side,Through the mosses bare,They have planted thorn treesFor pleasure here and there.Is any man so daringAs dig them up in spite,He shall find their sharpest thornsIn his bed at night.From 'The Fairies' by William Allingham