Decorative Handmade Relief Carved Ceramic Dragon Tile

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Happy year of the Dragon!This is our 14 x 7 half round dragon tile #2 surrounded with custom shaped field tile.Available at .com
Dragons are deeply rooted in, and their legends permeate Chinese culture from ancient times untill today. The benevolence of the dragon signifies greatness, goodness and blessings, many Chinese still often refer to themselves as decendants of the dragon. In ancient China there was not doubt of their exsistance and great respect was shown for any writing or art depicting dragons. Being a divine mythical beast, dragons can ward off evil spirits and protect the innocent, the ultimate symbol of good fortune. According to Chinese mythology dragons lived under the earth, surfacing only in the second month of the Chinese calendar to create rain & thunder. They looked like snakes and had no wings but could still fly.This is the year of the less selfish and opinionated water dragon. Being less power hungry than the other dragons tend to be, the water dragon can accept defeat gracefully.  A good negotiator knowing when, where and how to apply pressure. They are a little on the over optimistic side and must remember to relenquish the unfeasable in order to concentrate fully on the most rewarding endevors.