Decorative Relief Carved Ceramic Poppy Tile

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4x10 relief carved and handpainted ceramic poppy tile.
Demeter, mother goddess of harvest, holds red poppies that grow among the barley as an emblem of her mysteries and wisdom. The poppy is a symbol of the sacred laws of nature, the sanctity of marriage and the cycle of life and death over which Demeter presides. In marriage the poppy represents fertility, unity, loyalty and the connected elements of creation. Like the love of Demeter for her daughter Persephone, in all matters of love they symbolize dedication. In death poppies guard the memories of past lives and are associated with peace, passage and Demeters guidance through the dreams of eternal slumber. In it's life aspect it signifies a promise of rebirth, renewal, comfort in times of need and guidance through the many stages of being in our journey along lifes path. Where the poppy stands and falls spreading its seeds to the earth where many more may grow when thier time comes. By this the gentle goddess Demeter bestows upon us an understanding of the endless cycles of energy within all things.