Durham Diaries - Dene Of The Dun Cow, Part II

My heart beats for my streets and alleys,
Longs to dwell in the borderlands
- Fare Thee Well Northumberland, Mark Knopfler

And the too-fashionable North.- Fantasia on "Horbury", Geoffrey Hill

Durham is quite a small town and having seen its major attractions I went for a walk along the river and later strolled around the city centre to find a place to eat. Although I was rather hungry I was also rather picky, and ended up at a French restaurant where they served chicken and a delicious apple juice. Since the city is located in a dene the streets can be quite steep, but this just adds to the smalltown charm and from time to time you come across these very narrow alleys which can bring you to unexpected places (no, not Narnia).
However, since Durham is a placid little town there did not happen anything exciting after evensong. Consequently I shall not strive to find something very clever to say, but rather present a selection of pictures that will chronicle some of the interesting or amusing little details in Durham.
We cannot hope to live so long in our names as some have done in their persons, one face of Janus holds no proportion unto the other. 'Tis too late to be ambitious. The great mutations of the worlds are acted, our time may be too short for our designes.- Urne Buriall, Sir Thomas Browne

This is the Dun Cow Lane, honouring the city's legendary founder.
Durham's coat of arms.

you bring the dusk with youand all the limestone twilights- The Cormorant, Robert Minhinnick

 Dear son of memory, great heir of fame,What need'st thou such weak witness of thy name?- On Shakespeare, John Milton
This old moon wanes!- A Midsummer Night's Dream, William Shakespeare
 The Shakespeare is a pleasant establishment, but since they had stopped serving food by the time I got there I didn't stay. However, I shall have to come back next time around.

 I don't know whether this establishment takes its name from the Harry Potter wizards or the faction of the Republican Party. Either way it is a very nice name.