Eating Healthy Again. Serious Ah?

Photo credit : know what they say about healthy food. Most of the time it doesn't taste that good or you don't get enough to eat.
I am glad that so far I have found some really delicious healthy food from EAT 21, La Jucieria Goodness Greens Cafe and more recently The Naked Lunchbox.
If you have been reading my Covid-19 MCO posts, you will note that I went loco with my eating. I ate Oreos, ice cream, pizza and a whole lot of other fattening things in big portions. Heck I can't even eat a piece of cake, I have to eat the whole cake. Terrible!
This has got to change.

So I ordered food again from The Naked Lunchbox. I got all fishy that day. My first order is the Chili Lime Fish with Pasta. I was very pleased with the portion size and taste.

I transferred the contents to a bowl for a better experience. That's when I noticed the portion size of the (very tasty) pasta.

That will fill me up nicely. Then I topped the pasta with the chili lime fish and vegetables.

Filled to the brim! I love the seasoning on the fish (don't ask me what fish is that. I don't know) and the vegetables (though not exciting) were cooked till tender and not mushy. This meal filled me up and I stayed full till evening.
Oh ya, the green sauce you saw in the box is their Parsley Honey sauce. Very aromatic but I found it a bit too sweet. It needed some salt.

This is the Grilled Salmon & Couscous. It also came with the Parsley Honey sauce and the same type of vegetables (this might be a sore point). The tomato salsa did not taste like salsa, more like just cherry tomatoes with a slight hint of herbs/seasoning.

I enjoyed the salmon and the couscous. And of course the lovely parsley honey sauce. This meal I kept for dinner. I did not eat anything else after dinner. Good behavior mode on. Hope this can last hah..hah...

In the meantime, my cat did some modelling for me.

Not that she is any good at it.

Girl, you look so fierce.

She was probably not happy with the camera clicking in her face. But she did get to eat some of my chili lime fish and grilled salmon. That was her modelling fees hee..hee...

Meanwhile, there was this cutie pie that tried to visit my house but as soon as my cat saw it, she chased after the kitty.  I have never seen my cat so fierce. The poor thing escaped through the gate and I never saw it again.