GAIA, A Design Proposal By Team 153

'Water as the 6th Borough: Open International Design Competition' just announced the semi-finalists. I have a list of projects that I appreciate. The first one is that of Team 153. I do not know who are the architects that compose this team but the GAIA project is ambitious.
GAIA — Water as the 6th Borough: Open International Design Competition © Team 153

GAIA, an undulating infrastructure, is located at the upper harbor, near the mouth of the east river, New York, USA. 
GAIA — Blue Network © Team 153

As Team 153 says, GAIA will serve as a beacon to water traffic approaching from multiple direction. It can also serve as amenities and attractions such as an urban beach, or exhibition spaces.
Day view of GAIA © Team 153Night view of GAIA © Team 153

The other but main characteristics of Team 153's proposal is that GAIA envisions a future of clean energy empowered by technology. First, it profits from the east river for its system of under water turbine. Then it proposes a biotechnology-based system made of micro-algae to remediate tainted water and soil, and its photovoltaic system. 
Technology of GAIA © Team 153

GAIA is announced to be capable of producing solar, wind, tide and algae-derived energy. These elements are components of GAIA's structure. By integrating them, GAIA will maximize the energy production.
Gowanus © Team 153

The lower structure of GAIA houses algae membranes, tidal power and photovoltaic system. The aim is to neutralize toxin, biocrude oil, biomass, lipids and hydrogen. Then algae outputs fresh water. Using Gowanus canal to farm algae permits to take advantage of sewage during combined sewage overflow episodes. The tidal power consists of underwater turbines that will convert tidal forces into energy. The photovoltaic system will profit from sunlight.

Governors Island © Team 153GAIA © Team 153GAIA © Team 153Source: One Prize and Team 153's proposal