Handmade Decorative Carved Ceramic Wave Border Tile


2.5 x 8 relief carved ceramic wave border tile.Available at http://.comRivers, wells, springs and lakes were sacred power sources to the Celts. Such places held not only energy, but were the dwelling place of divine beings giving form and expression to the various geomagnetic and other world  forces interwoven at any specific location. Water worship was often connected to healing and many models of body parts have been found in springs and other ancient Celtic places of worship. In addition to inland water and river goddesses and gods, the Celts had well defined sea deities, many of which also had loosely defined roles as stellar deities. The sea and heavens connection was possibly due to the importance of the stars in navigation for sea-faring peoples along with a deeper significance based on the observation of celestial phenomena which occupied so much of our ancestors religious and magical beliefs and practices.