Hi I'm PH. I Am A Compulsive Eater

I was thinking, if there is such a thing as Alcoholics Anonymous, there should be a Compulsive Eaters Anonymous. And indeed there is! hah..hah.. In the UK you have Overeaters Annonymous and in New York you've got the Overeaters Anonymous for New York City. But what about Malaysia? Do we have a Malaysian chapter? Should I start one? muahahahaha!!!

So why am I talking about compulsive eating? Because I am a hardcore compulsive eater. I can sit down in front of the TV and munch my way through whatever snacks that are in the house. Which is why I seldom keep stock of crunchies and munchies at home or in my office.
But one fine Saturday morning, an ex-primary 6 classmate WhatsApp me from Village Park via our WhatsApp group. "I have something for you....come lah". I was at home "ponteng kerja" (playing truant) because I had to get my housework done. Had I known she would be near my office, I would have gone to work. I guess it was meant to be a surprise. And then my sweet friend sent me another message "I hantar almond snaps to your office" (I sent almond snaps to your office). I say! 
This greeted me on Monday morning.

And this was inside.

Gosh! A bottle of noms! Apa lagi? (what else?) Cannot wait to taste it.

This thing is so, so good! Crunchy with nutty and buttery fragrance. It's a little bit on the sweet side for me but hey, sweet is good. 

I kept taking them out bit by bit. OK, last round I tell myself. Must keep some to take home. But no. I kept going. I could not help myself. That's what compulsive eaters do. They eat and eat and eat. Until.....

Boh liao (no more). Not even the crumbs survived. And I didn't even share with my colleagues. Not even my partner. Mind you that was quite a big bottle. When I WhatsApp that photo, one ex-classmate remarked "Like critters, so fast finished". Critters indeed! A big one! hah..hah...hah...
So you see, keep alcohol away from an alcoholic and keep snacks away from a compulsive eater.

The end.