I saw kimuchi on the menu at [email protected] Foodie's Nest The Starling and I was wondering what is Kimuchi? It sounded like kimchi, so is it kimchi?

Upon googling, I found out that kimuchi is Japanese kimchi. I am not much of a kimchi fan but I was curious.

So I started with a Japanese Kimuchi Bento. The only suitable one for me is the Tori Kimuchi Bento because the other two has got cheese in it.

I did not know what to expect and it turned out to be soup (not apparent in the photo on the menu). 

I took a sip and mmmm! It was so very nice. Very tasty. It did not taste like kimchi at all.

There were lots of mushrooms and vegetables with pieces of chicken. The only thing that I disliked was the cheese tofu. It was hard and stinky. Why anyone would put cheese in tofu is beyond me. I spat it out and put it aside.

Like all the bentos here, it comes with a takoyaki.

I don't like the takoyaki, so I  put it aside.

Since I liked the kimuchi, I decided to have the Salmon Kama Kimuchi on my next visit.

Whoa! Salmon head in a pot of boiling soup.

There is a flame under the pot and it is quite scary when carrying the tray, in case the pot tipped over.

The soup was very flavorful. It is quite difficult to tackle the salmon head. Next time I will ask for a plate.

On another visit I had the Tori Chicken Kimuchi.

There were loads of chicken, soft tofu and vegetables in there. Very generous serving.

I removed the cheese tofu. It's awful to me.

There is also an egg in the kimuchi and due to the flame, the egg became seriously overcooked.

After having sampled a few things on the menu, my favorites would be the Saba Shioyaki Bento and the Tori Chicken Kimuchi. Don't bother ordering the California Maki or anything like it as these are prepared in advance (and packed in plastic containers) and do not taste good.