My Auntie's Air Fryer Is Very Busy

My auntie found out that I bought an air fryer. A little bird in New Zealand tweeted to her.

At least at the material time, I already took mine out from the box.
Then my cousin (the little bird) sent her a picture of the taufu that she cooked in her air fryer.

That started it, the air fryer cooking frenzy. My auntie, not me.
My auntie's air fried taufu.

Then it was air fried chicken.

Can also make sweet potato chips weh!

Then of course, air fried chicken wings.

And..... wait for it.... fish and chips!

See, she is so motivated and so stoked. From "haven't open the box yet" to all these wonderful food.

Let me share with you my auntie's air fryer.

It's a Westinghouse. I don't think we have it here.

It is slightly bigger than the one I bought, an el chepo one.

I originally ordered a Philips due to the good reviews and because it is an established brand.

At the time, it cost RM1,599.00 and it looks like the price has dropped. After about two weeks, delivery was not forthcoming and I was refunded. Hence my decision to buy the PerySmith one.
Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise. I should try out a cheaper one first to see if I actually like using an air fryer.
So. When? When am I going to masak-masak with my air fryer? After seeing all the wonderful food my auntie has cooked in her air fryer, you bet this weekend I am firing up mine heh...heh...
By the way, let me leave you with some of my auntie's pretty blooms.

Hmmmm...what shall I air fry first? Chicken wings? Steak? Potatoes? Broccoli? 


Chicken, Ma! Chicken!