November Food Theme: Cookies And Bars!

It’s almost Christmas. I’m not kidding. I went to Fred Meyer on Halloween day to find some glow sticks and all the Halloween swag was already stuffed in a 40% off corner and it its place shone multi-colored plastic Christmas trees glowing with lights; ornaments hung with care.
So we’re jumping on that jingle-bell-adorned band wagon at BATF too. We know the holidays can be stressful. But they can also be a really good excuse to eat whatever you want and drink as much as you want too. You deserve it, after all, for what you’re about to put up with (crazy family, hot sweaty mall shopping, turning a blind eye to your ever-decreasing bank account). So we want to help you out with some holiday cooking ideas to take a bit of that stress off your shoulders.
Last year we did an entire month dedicated to Thanksgiving Recipes. This year we’re helping you prepare with cookie and bar recipes. ‘Cause what’s Christmas without some beautiful harp music, spiked eggnog, and your very own cookie making factory? This is supposed to be fun, right?