Relief Carved Celtic Ceramic Sun Tile

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Relief carved 2x2 sun tile available at .com
Happy Solstice!I danced in the morning when the world was begunI danced in the moon and the stars and the sunI was called by the darkness by the song of the earthI joined in the singing and she gave me birth
The sun is in the south and the days lengthen fastAnd soon we will sing for the winter that is pastNow we light the candles and rejoice as they burnAnd dance the dance of the suns return!
The moon in her phases and the tides of the seathe movement of the earth and the seasons that will beare rhythm for the dancing and a promise through the yearsThe dance goes on through joy and tears.
Dance then, wherever you may be!I am the lord of the dance said he!I'll lead you on wherever you may be!I will lead you all in the dance said he!
From 'Lord of the dance' Traditional