September Ingredient: Pancetta

Okay, as most of you know I work on a yacht.  This seems to hold an immense amount of curiosity and allows me to feel like a celebrity on occasion.  The reality is that I am in Montreal on Labor Day weekend.  I just finished day 10 of a 19 day trip.  BUT if in your fascination of my lifestyle you imagine me sitting around a beautiful galley, eating amazing food, prepared by a private chef - you would be correct.   Our chef, Michelle, does a fantastic job of making everything from Thai curry to Lobster Thermidor.  She would like to apologize to all BATF fans for my lack of posting this summer.  She makes so much fantastic food that I have cooked potentially twice this whole summer.   I loved all the summer vegetables but thought we were ready to move on to some meat.  I have been loving the use of Pancetta but have never cooked with it.  I figured it was perfect for the Beauties to give it a try!  I am also headed to my first trip to Italy in October and thought this would kick it off nicely.  Bon Appétit!