The Lonely Kiosk : COOOK

As you may notice, I hang out a lot at The Starling. More specifically at A Foodie's [email protected] Starling. I love to eat, that's why. 
There's nothing like nursing a hot bowl of chee yuk fan on a slow afternoon wahahaha!!
On my visits, I can't help noticing a particular kiosk because it's an island and the biggest kiosk at the food court on the side that I sit. It's awfully quiet whenever I am there.

The proprietor and (I assume) his wife often cut a lonely figure, quietly preparing food (him) and tea (her). 

I did approach the gentleman once and asked him what do they serve. Afternoon tea is their forte.

They serve tea.



And some Japanese style light meals.

This one looks interesting.

Every once in a while, there are people passing by who would make inquiries and walk away. And there were occasions when I see orders. 
In fact I bought a large chocolate cookie (RM5.00 each) from them once. It was very good. But I don't seem to see those cookies on display anymore.
Last Monday, it was all quiet. Perhaps they took a day off.