Thirsty Thursday: Con Chartreuse

Because our boat chef, Michelle makes such amazing food, the guests do not eat off the boat very often. And when they're on the boat, we're on the boat taking care of them! So when we get a chance to get off the boat, we run for shore as fast as we can!  The opportunity for us to go out to eat presented itself in lovely Montreal and we jumped on it. This city is amazing and feels very European. We stumbled on this gorgeous restaurant, Barroco.

It was quaint, had a small menu, and was packed.  This has become our criteria for finding the best spots when traveling. The rumor in Montreal is that old buildings can not be renovated which means they really have their historic, original charm. This particular restaurant was HOT (guess we're lucky present day buildings have A/C!) and we were sweating in uncomfortable places (keeping it clean for Ivadell). This made this drink even more refreshing and I really loved the little cocktail glasses they were served in.  

This drink was light, refreshing, and very unique. I will definitely be making this for my sister when we finally reunite! The base of it is a liquor called Chartreuse, a French herbal liquor. Very interesting - good thing my little cabin has fantastic storage with room for liquor. The other ingredient is Tequila, and according to my Cinco De Mayo post, the beauties love them some tequla. Since for once in my life I was not the bartender, I have to take a guess on how it was made. Here is my best approximation.

Con Chartreuse: 
1 Shot Chartreuse1 Shot TequliaFew sprigs of fresh Basil1 Lime cut into pieces1 Tsp Simple Syrup
Muddle the lime, Simple Syrup, and fresh basil in a martini shaker.  Add ice, Tequila, and Chartreuse.  Strain into a glass over ice. Garnish with a lime. These probably will taste better if you have adorable little european glasses to serve these in.  Salut!