Thirsty Thursday - Jack's Trailer Park Margaritas

One of the things you should know about me is that I'm originally from a ranch town in Nevada. That doesn't necessarily mean I used to live in a trailer, or that I wear a wife-beater on a regular basis (actually, I do) but growing up in the land of turquoise sagebrush and slate-colored dust does teach one to enjoy the finer flavors of the local folk.

For example, I am the only one who would DARE show up to a BBQ in the Pacific Northwest with a bag of family-sized Ruffles and a can of French Onion Dip. I have been known to throw some frozen Taquitos in the oven and slather them in a delicious sauce made by microwaving Velveeta and Pace Picante salsa. And I'm not ashamed. Mostly because everyone is secretly happy I've supplied it. Not only does every last Taquito get eaten while the hummus and carrot sticks on the table stand alone but they are mostly happy that they themselves did not have to go through the judgement process of purchasing Velveeta at a grocery store in Bellingham.

But enough about me. Enter my father, Jack. Originally from Texas, then to California, Arizona, Nevada and back to Arizona, I'd say he also enjoys the finer flavors of the Southwest. Here he combines his love of the most revered Mexican cocktail with a little bit of trailer-trash to create his world famous Trailer Park Margaritas. As with the Ruffles and French Onion Dip, this recipe is sure to please. Don't be embarrassed to bring it to a party, either. No one will know it has Squirt in it. Heck, you could call them European Margaritas and everyone would think you're all fancy. It tastes that good.

Below is the recipe in the words of the famous Jack Pirtle himself:

Jack's Trailer Park Margaritas
Yields: 1 thrift store blender full

ice from Mexico
1/2 container of frozen limeade
6 oz. cheap tequila
2 oz. Triple Sec
1 can of Squirt
Margarita Salt

Take a blender purchased at a thrift store. Wash it if you think you need to. Fill it half way with ice from Mexico. Add 1/2 container of frozen limeade. Drop in 6 oz. cheap tequila. Use better tequila if you are expecting guests and wish to impress them with your margarita mix and your newly purchased used but presentable single-wide trailer. Although the paint is peeling, it sits underneath the park's only shade tree and since it is 98 degrees outside, and 88 degrees inside, the margaritas will make for a pleasant and hopefully tipsy evening. Add 2 oz. of Triple Sec. Now, add a can of Squirt and biz the ingredients until frothy. You know how to take a water glass and rub the rim with a lime and drop it into some salt? To be fancy, you may wish to place a slice of lime on the side. You might even want to use a margarita glass if you have one around. Otherwise, the water glass will do. Now, start to drink, shake your booty, and bless your downtrodden, no-good-fer-nothin' trailer park existence.

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